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Il vostro proiettore non funziona più, la lampada non si accende o non sapete come funziona, allora venite a trovarci per avere un consiglio pratico.
Avete tanti rullini di film e li volete incollare insieme? Lo potete fare da noi con la nostra assistenza.


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Museo della memoria
della Svizzera Italiana

No guarantee ... but we are looking for worldwide links with hopefully good quality.  Any suggestion is welcome. (next update 1.12.2018)

 Super8 has stood the test of time,” said Andrew Evenski, president and general manager of Kodak’s Entertainment & Commercial Films. “It is the first love and experience for so many filmmakers, from first time users to Oscar® winners. Super8 has launched careers, captured life’s most important moments, and preserved art for five decades. These are the same reasons Super 8mm endures today, and will remain ..."