Michael Rogge

On YouTube you may find some 920 video clips from films I took in Hong Kong, Japan and Europe half a century ago. Also included are digitalised travelfilms of bygone days by other makers, as well as of subjects of particular interest.


Video clips from all over the world from 1912 until 2011 amongst others featured in 'Post cards from the fifties' on HISTORY CHANNEL all over South East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan ) as well as broadcast in Hong Kong, Japan and the Netherlands by different TV stations. Articles in South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Standard, Der Spiegel Online, Het Parool, etc. Photobook: 'Hong Kong in the fifties' Photo exhibitions in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Achtung Super-8 !

Schweizer Fernsehen 1976/77
Filmen aus der Praxis mit Max Hänsli